Is a primordial energy that pre-exists the physical world.  When jiantkilla was a little child the world was nothing but music, life was but a constant song.  One day the music stopped and silence permeated the whole universe.  The sadness that occurred within jiantkilla is still felt throughout the universe to this day.  For billions of years jiantkilla sat in silence, the only thing he had was memories of years of constant music.  One day jiantkilla got offered by his Ego to once again hear music again.


jiantkilla said, “yes, oh yes for any amount of money, I just need to hear music again.”  His Ego said ” You will suffer in futility and abandonment no one will like you, you will die, live, and die again a million times, you will forget you are jiantkilla a primordial God that preexists the physical world.  jiantkilla gladly accepted the terms of this deal with his Ego.  This is his 999,999th lifetime.

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