A space cadet that traveled in space of the galaxy Autotonnia. The cadet named Felix Kater flew in the spaceship known as the Silentkilla. With the ability to change colors and blend into the darkness of space The Silentkilla made Felix the most well-known bounty hunter in the Autotonnia galaxy.  Felix is 6-foot tall panther man with sharp green eyes and dagger-like teeth.

Felix and Silentkilla were on the hunt for a Fugitive from the X-con region wanted for the slaying of the Titans. The Fugitive is known as Jiantkilla.  Felix is ambushed by an X-Con Fleet. Dodging and evading laser and plasma blasts. Silentkilla is surrounded by the enemies all blasting at once.

Seconds before the impact a black hole opens and sucks in Silentkilla…


When Felix awakens in his ship is slowing riding into a massive blue star. Felix can hear whispering saying “I’m Jaintkilla. I’m the Jiant that Kills.” The star explodes right in Felix’ face..

He awakens again…. pushes open the latch to find himself on earth in the middle of a desert canyon..a grand one.

Felix can hear the whispers “Jiantkilla, Seeks you. Unlock the Truth.”

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