EP Ordinary Ritual: What’s there not to love

Millions of artists are born every day. Some of them get the chance to pursue their career while others have their dreams shattered by the society or because they do not have enough resources to invest in their talent. Singing and composing music is an art that cannot be learned or developed. It is an inborn skill that only a few have mastered.
In this age of technology, everyone can post their work online but there are only a few that can grab the attention of the audience. The reason is that their talent deserves the appraisal that they have got.

I have listened to different types of music and all of them have their different appeal. However, there are only a few that grabbed my attention and Ordinary Ritual is one of them. Today I am going to share that why I love it so much.

Ordinary Ritual

SilentKilla has done an amazing job with the Ordinary Ritual EP and I must say that this is what I call perfect music. The moment you will start hearing to it, there will be a relieving effect on your mind and body. soon you will feel like it is the music that you should hear every day.


Ordinary Ritual is a combination of different beats and transitions that have been created using different types of instruments. The moment I started listening to beats I acknowledged that it is something that I am going to love. I know that people say we should not judge a book by its cover, but it is the one  I judged. Now I am glad that I got the chance to listen to  Ordinary Ritual.

Ordinary Ritual is the most playing  soundtrack on my playlist. I cannot get over it! I have shared the tune with my friends and they all loved what has been done with the beats.

Everyone had their own reviews but the best part I loved is the performance by SilentKilla. So we can say that it is really a work of a killa. If you are interested to know why I love it so much, here are some of the interesting secrets about Ordinary Ritual that I am going to share with you today.

So stay tuned!



The first thing that got my attention was the beats that have been used in the beginning of the track. It is like they have been specially placed to assure that the ear of the listener will be developed in the music. 90’s samples classic drum loops.

As the track proceeds, it becomes even more interesting. The best part is that you find it hard to say that what is going to happen next. The bests have been changed and merged with so much perfection that I never noticed a beat drop even for a single second and this is what I loved about Ordinary Ritual.


Now transitions on the tracks are amazing. The way it goes high and low is mesmerizing.
It impacts your Psyche as you will instantly fall in love with the feeling of chaos just like I did. Transitions have not only been used in the beats but also the Vocals as well. The few lyrics of  Ordinary Ritual even have some unique appeal in them. It is like a message has been conveyed through the tracks. Like some Mary J Blige or Injo


3-It will take you to another world

Whether you listen to it the first time or it is your hundredth time, it will always have a special effect on you. The reason is that Ordinary Ritual has been prepared in a special way to assure that it will create a soothing environment for the listener. There are some loud beats and high notes but still, your eardrums and listening capabilities are not harmed. I felt like all my nerves have been relaxed and there is nothing to worry about in this world. It is like sound yoga that I have been doing. You will be amazed to know that during my relaxation exercises I often listen to Ordinary Ritual.

4-Can’t stop listening to it

I entered Ordinary Ritual into my favorite playlist the first time listened to this soundtrack. It is so catchy that I placed it on repeat. You will be amazed to know that since then I have not stopped listening to it. I love Ordinary Ritual and I haven’t found a better one yet.

Waiting for more!!

I hope that SilentKilla is not going to stop here. People like this deserve to be under the spotlight and so I hope that SilentKilla will get the deserving fame. While I was listening to  Ordinary Ritual I was so indulged into the music that I never wanted it to end. I was shocked when it ended so soon because my soul wanted more.

I hope that SilentKilla will soon come up with more work because I have turned into one of the biggest fans. You will be amazed to know that I have turned on the notification to know that when the new work will be posted. If you are looking for something unique to experience make sure that you listen to The Ordinary Ritual EP.

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