Hidden Low Vibration Music Video?



The Video Below was discovered by the World Police in 1967 after deep sea diving in the Mediterranean sea. The video was wrapped a dry sand like cloth that kept the VSH tape in mint condition. 

Scientists did a case study of 100 individuals that watched the tape each alone in a small room with white walls.  The subjects were video taped while they viewed the footage. After each person completed the video they where given a physical and vaccine shot. 

The subjects seemed healthy and enthusiastic about getting their compensation for the Test. 

The Scientists reviewed the footage of the subjects.. They did not expect to these results.  

The Subjects all had a extremely smiley grin on their faces while crying. At the end they all scream out a  loud “yayyyy” in a harmonic vocoder sound.  Then pass out. They wake up, collect themselves and walk out the room. The walls in every video had a different color painted in the background. 


Since then The World Police classed the tape as Safe Under SCP  Object Class Regulations 

The SCP has the tape in a bomb shelter filled with cement 2000 leagues below sea level.


A hacker by the name dot999 somehow released a digital copy of the VHS tape on Youtube in 1999. It was removed..  you can see this once contained video. ONLY HERE






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