The World Of Fae


200,000,000 years ago a massive solar system existed with two gigantic suns rotating near each other like one star. Their were 50 planets rotating around the suns in unison. Some smaller planets even revolved bigger planets. One with four revolving planets was known as the planet Fae.

Fae was a planet with a hot water core. The surface grew rich  thick vegetation. Tall massive trees with billions of leaves and fruits. Inhabited by the Grey Blind Monkeys who collect and eat only Green Berries.

Vines laid across the ground. The soil was soft and warm. You could see the horizon wiggle like waves if you look out into space. Great Meadows with high and low grass. The Black Bison graze on the low grass. The Green Wolves hide in the high grass waiting to hunt. The Bison are brave and fight in numbers..It’s like a great war. The Bison usually win forcing the Wolves to Hunt Green bunnies and Grey Monkeys. No mountains here only Hills.

Only One beach and Ocean Named Aileen. There the water Goddess Sits in the middle in meditation with a fish tail and translucent water body. She Created the Blue fish who swim in schools with thin razor sharp bodies that together can cut up predators like the Yellow eel. The yellow eels use a electric-magnetic charge to stun the blue fish before they can swarm. The Giant White Sharks feed on the Blue fish and Yellow eels. These Sharks are massive with thick bodies and huge heads filled with sharp uneven teeth. Deep below the ocean sleeps the Black whales.

When they wake they open their mouths and suck in everything above them creating Whirlpool all over the ocean.  The most experience sea creatures learn to swim to the corral garden in the center of the Aileen ocean. A colossus hill made of sand rises from the sea bed to just under the surface where Goddess Aileen Lays sun bathing.  The Hill is covered with a Full color spectrum of corrals in clusters.

Aileen is the Avatar of the Consciousness of the Planet Fae. You could say they are the same thing. She was created by the four small planets revolving around Fae. Each planet had a Avatar before Aileen existed. Two of the Planets you can say are Her parents.

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