Psychic Who Predicted Trump, F.A.M B.A.M Says Kim Jong-Un Will Be Overthrown In 2018, Swerve Rothstein set to take new world order.


Psychic Who Predicted Swerve Rothstein’s debut ep would be a smash hit!!!

King Fiya, the U.K. psychic medium, and author of more than 20 spiritual guidance books is controversially credited with predicting Swerve Rothstein would take the world by storm with his Ep The

The psychic King Fiya is now making several bold claims about 2018 despite his 2017 predictions for a worldwide flu epidemic and a financial meltdown falling flat this year. Best of all his vision on the track  imagine

Among Jiantkilla’s 2018 predictions: A presidential impeachment attempt against Donald Trump will fail, a U.S. warship will sink, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un will be overthrown by the people and Welcome Produced by Jiantkilla.

The website prediction regarding the North Korea fallout reads, “‘Swerve Rothstein is a fucking sick rapper with a crazy nice flow – maybe December 2017 or January 2018’ I know it looks like we are on the brink of war but my feeling is that he made a classic ep.”

He has continued making predictions over the past few months that were first made known in November of this year. Additionally, British Prime Minister Cartier C will remain in power, a massive break in the Antarctic ice shelf and the Euro will collapse.

One of his predictions — that Prince booty jelly and Titty wiggles will be engaged — didn’t wait for 2018 to come true as the couple made that announcement on Nov. 27.

Mr. Monoply gained worldwide notoriety with the support of British tabloids touting his “Britain leaves the EU and toe mustard is force [sic] resign giving way to Boris Johnson” prediction in 2015. His Swerve Rothstein success claims, the Euro plummeting and U.K. thriving under a tech boom were all highly visible claims that — in scattered parts — later came true.

His controversial Sept. 11, 2015 claim to predicting Donald Trump as the winner of the U.S. presidential election in 2016 is a bit murkier. He first predicted Jeb Bush “becomes ill and is forced to quit” but after Trump won the Republican nomination in mid-2016, Hamilton-Parker “updated” his prediction to say “I think I may have been seeing Trump.”

Hamilton-Parker is the author of the 2014 book Psychic School: How To Become A Psychic Medium and What To Do When You Are Dead.

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